Luxury Duvets

Luxury duvet covers, one of the most important bedding set for adding beauty to a luxurious bedroom of a luxurious home, are available at our online store 

At Nimsay Home we offer a very wide range of duvet covers, designed in the UK and ethically produced in Asia to fulfill the needs of UK customers. We have been masterfully crafting bed linen for over 50 years in partnership with responsible suppliers across the globe. What sets us apart from others is that we offer luxury products at affordable prices. How do we get our prices to be lower? We produce everything closely with our partners. We truly believe that bed linen plays a huge part in a person’s daily life. It is involved in starting your day and then ending it after a long day. We produce our bed linen with the idea that it should be the one thing that is accessible to all and provides them the comfort that they need. 

 NimsayHome provides options to customer to buy duvet covers by following types

By Colours

Brits can buy duvet covers sets on NimsayHome in different colours

By Yarn Type

Customer can choose to buy duvet covers in different yarn types like Cotton, Poly Cotton, Egyptian cotton e.t.c from NimsayHome.

By Sizes:

Customers can buy duvet covers in all UK sizes like single, double, King and Super king sizes

By Weaves

Customers can buy duvet covers in different kind of weaves like plain weave, sateen weave and many more

By Thread Count

Nimsay Home offer luxury duvet covers in different thread counts to meet different customers taste.

NimsayHome  Duvet Covers are always comes with Matching Pillowcases

By Designs

A vast variety of duvet covers in different designs are available at NimsayHome. One can choose printed duvet covers in checks, printed stripes, solid coloured duvet covers, , yarn died duvet covers or embroidered duvet cover sets according to ones taste.

Printed Duvet Covers: The finest yarn is used for this to set the base and then various designs are printed on the fabric. Our designs cater to everyone; you’ll find something for yourself across all prints. Luxury sophisticated prints, kids prints. Floral prints and lifestyle prints. Something for everyone. This range is widely bought for gifting around holiday season due to its affordable nature. 

Yarn Dyed Duvet Covers: These Duvet Covers are as luxury as any bedding can get. The most elegant duvet covers in the market. Yarn dyed duvet covers are made by weaving the fabric in different colours of yarn and getting a stunning texture to it. People with high-end taste always fall in love with yarn dyed pieces. 

Sateen Duvet Covers: Who doesn’t want a flawless skin? It used to be something popular in women but research now shows that more and more men are taking care of their skin, hair and appearance. We stand by it! Sateen duvet covers are a mix of cotton and sateen. Shopping for bedding can be a fun yet overwhelming activity. Aside from the creative side of shuffling through prints and colors, choosing the right bed linen material takes plenty of research and practical knowledge about fabrics and materials.

If you’re in the market for a new bedding set, check out Nimsay Home’s excellent sateen options. We only use 100% premium, long-staple Egyptian cotton, creating an extra-strong, soft and shiny sateen fabric. Sateen has a distinctly luxurious look that will instantly transform your bedroom into a five-star sanctuary.

Embroidered Duvet Covers: Nimsay Home proudly owns its own embroidery machines. Embroidered Duvet Covers go through a long stage of designing and execution. People that love luxury, simply love embroidered duvets. Today, online stores have a wide range of collection of simple and stylish embroidered duvet covers to match ones taste, room and bed. People tend to conclude that Embroidery duvet cover set is as common as any other bedding set. Key temptations like Elegance, textured embroidery, sophisticated looks, and stitch variations may change ones perspective.

Shop Online among vast variety duvet covers at We offer quality duvet covers at really competitive prices. Designs are really beautiful and attractive. Premium yarn even 100% egyptian cotton. Luxurious weaves like sateen, Higher thread counts. Free Shipping UK wide